As a thank you to my clients, I've purchased 23 tickets to the Trunk-Or-Treat event at Sauerbeck Family Drive-In, in Lagrange. The event will be held on Saturday, October 24th, from 6:30 6:00 to 11:55 pm. The gates open at 6:00 pm Due to the level of attendance they expect, the gates will now open at 5 pm, and at 6:00 pm guests will be invited to walk along the back row of the drive-in where numerous cars will have trunks full of candy. This will continue until 7:30pm, when the family friendly movies begin. The first movie will be Casper, followed by Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit.  Due to availability, the drive-in has changed the movies to be shown. They will now be showing Monsters Inc. (G) followed by Hocus Pocus (PG).

All details for this event can be found on Sauerbeck Family Drive-in's website, here, but I will make some notes on the event below.

Sauerbeck Family Drive-in is committed to social distancing! The event is planned and carried out so that all guests can maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from each other throughout the entire event. Please be sure to leave 6' of empty space between cars when parking. Concessions can be purchased online prior to the show and picked up from the concession stand (drive-thru style) before you park shortly after you arrive (more details below in paragraph about concessions). Also, while the drive-in derives most of its revenue from concession sales, given current events they have decided to sell a slightly more expensive ticket to guests that would prefer to bring their own food from home, so as to allow guests to further maximize their social distancing if they would like. If you have received a free ticket from us, your ticket includes that food permit. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks. Further information regarding Sauerbeck Family Drive-in's social distancing policies can be found here.

Directions can be found here. They ask that you please read this page before traveling to their facility, as most GPS units will not guide travelers all the way to the drive-in entrance (they suggest using the address 2355 Commerce Parkway as your destination rather than there official address).

Tickets are sold per carload. Each single ticket that we hand out is good for your entire family, granted they fit in a single vehicle.

If you wish to park next to someone, you must arrive at the same time as them. Each Since this is a sold out event, they are parking cars in the order that they arrive. So if you wish to park next to a particular family or group, you must arrive at the exact same time. This unfortunately means the Scroggin Team guests may not be able to sit in the same general area. We apologize for that.

You should not bring candy to hand-out. While the event is called "Trunk or Treat", the "trunk"-ing will be provided by approved vendors and the guests will only be "treat"-ing.

Children and families are encouraged to wear costumes! Many guests, both parents and children, enjoy dressing up for this event.

Sound is provided by FM radio only. You may use a portable radio or your car radio. The sound will be transmitted via radio station 92.3. They ask that you please practice using your car radio in accessory mode without turning on your headlights.

Concessions may be purchased online in advance. You can place your orders here. Your orders will then be picked up as your drive to your parking spot If you place an online order, you need to check-in at the ordering table after you arrive at the drive-in, at which time they will begin to prepare the order you made online (I think they've changed this process due to a high volume of orders). Otherwise, there is curbside service, and concessions may still be purchased online while at the event, then picked up when ready. Also, if you have received your ticket from us, your ticket includes a food permit and you are permitted to bring outside food or drink in with you.

Mask must be worn at all times when outside of your vehicle. Guests are permitted to sit outside the vehicle (such as in lawn chairs brought from), but they must wear a mask and remain 6 feet from other guests at all times. Masks are required for all guests 5 and older any time you leave your vehicle.

Bathrooms will be open. However, they ask that you please avoid forming long lines.

No smoking and no alcohol. The entire facility is smoke-free. Also not permitted: laser pointers or flashing lights.

Guests are encouraged to bring: chairs, blankets, a flashlight, bug spray, and portable radio.

If you have any questions, please email us at: [email protected]