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List with me between April 8th and July 15th and you will be entered to win a $1500 AirBnB Gift Card. AirBnB gift cards never expire, and with over one million AirBnB homes worldwide your possibilities are virtually limitless!

Here are the rules and regulations:

  • The listed property must include a residential home, not only land.
  • The seller must have a good-faith intention to sell their home.
  • The seller must sign a 6 month listing agreement. This is the same agreement that is signed on all other listings and is not modified for this contest.
  • The listing agreement must be signed on or between April 8th, 2019 and July 15th, 2019. As long as the seller signs and honors this listing agreement and follows all other rules and regulations for this contest, the seller will be eligible to win the contest whether or not the home ultimately sells during the 6 months specified in the listing agreement.
  • The seller must sign an inducement form. This is simply a form acknowledging that you are being offered an inducement to sell (the inducement being, in this case, the chance to win the AirBnB gift card).
  • Upon winning the contest and receiving the gift card, the seller must sign a form the acknowledging receipt and acceptance of the prize.

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